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RGA Congratulates George Lemieux PDF Print
Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour congratulated RGA National Finance Co-Chairman George LeMieux on being appointed U.S. Senator today.

"From serving as a gubernatorial chief of staff to taking on a leadership role with the RGA, George has been a friend and ally to Republican governors for a long time,” Governor Barbour said. “He will be missed, but we are fortunate to have him take on this important position at such a pivotal time for our country."

“George will bring a solid perspective to the United States Senate,” continued Barbour. “With a deep background in state government, George understands the issues facing Florida and how decisions made in Washington, D.C. will impact the state.”

LeMieux previously served as the Deputy Attorney General for the state of Florida and as Chief of Staff for Governor Charlie Crist.
Deeds Tries to Press Reset, Misses PDF Print

Badly trailing in the polls and promising to take his “campaign to the next level,” Creigh Deeds just delivered a self-described “major campaign address” at George Mason University… in which he again failed to announce any transportation plan, or roll out any new policy ideas at all.

“It’s commonly known that the best time to dump bad news is on Fridays during the summer,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Apparently, Creigh Deeds also thinks it’s the best time to make no news.”

“It’s not surprising that Deeds again dodged the transportation issue. After all, had he actually detailed his plan it would have included terrible news for the taxpayers...a massive tax increase.”

Last week, Creigh Deeds admitted to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that as governor he would sign a tax increase to pay for transportation.   

RGA Welcomes Governor Gary Herbert PDF Print

Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour issued the following statement congratulating Gary Herbert on becoming governor of Utah today:

“On behalf of all the Republican governors, I would like to congratulate Governor Herbert on being sworn in today.  I know Governor Herbert is well-prepared for the job and is ready to lead on day one.  My fellow Republican governors and I look forward to having Governor Herbert on our team as we work to reclaim the majority of governorships for the GOP and rebuild our Party.”  

RGA Launches Environmental and Spanish-language ad in NJ PDF Print

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television advertisement today outlining why Jon Corzine has the worst environmental record in New Jersey history.

The RGA also began airing a Spanish-language radio advertisement today reminding New Jersey Latinos that under Jon Corzine’s leadership their taxes have skyrocketed, unemployment has nearly doubled, and public corruption remains rampant.

“Jon Corzine has let down all the citizens of New Jersey,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf.  “His multi-billion dollar tax hikes have driven thousands upon thousands of jobs from the state and made it harder for families to make ends meet.”

“Voters recognize that Jon Corzine has been a complete failure on the economy, jobs, taxes, and balancing the state budget,” Schrimpf said.  “What´s less well known, but equally clear, is Corzine´s failure to protect New Jersey´s environment.” 

In fact, a Sierra Club report says Corzine has overseen a “wholesale dismantling of environmental protections” in New Jersey.

“You just can’t trust Jon Corzine,” Schrimpf concluded.

The environment ad can be viewed at  

An English-language transcript of the radio ad can be found below:


Are things in New Jersey better or worse under Governor Jon Corzine’s leadership?


Most people in the Latino community say they’re worse.  In New Jersey, good jobs are hard to find. Jon Corzine told us his Wall Street experience would bring jobs, but unemployment is up ninety percent.


Corzine told us he would cut taxes. But New Jersey pays the highest taxes in America, and Corzine just raised them even higher.


Corzine told us he would run a clean state government. But his political cronies were just arrested, and Corzine’s own cabinet member had his house raided by the F.B.I.


The hard working taxpayers in New Jersey’s Latino community, and all of New Jersey, deserve better.


Jon Corzine: Watch what he does, not what he says. Go to Jersey pays dot com to learn more. Paid for by the Republican Governors Association.





RGA Launches Two New NJ TV Ads PDF Print

The Republican Governors Association launched two new television advertisements today outlining Jon Corzine’s fiscal recklessness and failed record on ethics.

The ad “Deficit” details that despite Corzine raising taxes by billions of dollars, New Jersey is projected to have a $10 billion deficit next year. The new ad can be viewed at

“Jon Corzine said his Wall Street expertise would help him solve New Jersey’s fiscal troubles, but he’s only made things worse,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Corzine could learn a lot from New Jersey’s middle class families. Unlike Corzine, they can’t rely on one-time gimmicks to balance their budgets and are making tough choices to make ends meet.”

“Unfortunately, instead of learning from the middle class, Corzine hurt them by raising taxes by more than $1 billion just this year and eliminating property tax rebates for most homeowners.”

The ad “Ethics” highlights that while Jon Corzine was attacking Chris Christie’s ethics, some of Corzine’s closest political allies were being arrested and the FBI was raiding one of his own cabinet members’ homes. The ad can be seen at

“Jon Corzine needs to take a look in the mirror and at his own friends,” Schrimpf said. “As New Jersey’s top federal prosecutor, Chris Christie successfully prosecuted more than 130 public officials without a loss.”



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