Deeds Tries to Press Reset, Misses PDF Print

Badly trailing in the polls and promising to take his “campaign to the next level,” Creigh Deeds just delivered a self-described “major campaign address” at George Mason University… in which he again failed to announce any transportation plan, or roll out any new policy ideas at all.

“It’s commonly known that the best time to dump bad news is on Fridays during the summer,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Apparently, Creigh Deeds also thinks it’s the best time to make no news.”

“It’s not surprising that Deeds again dodged the transportation issue. After all, had he actually detailed his plan it would have included terrible news for the taxpayers...a massive tax increase.”

Last week, Creigh Deeds admitted to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that as governor he would sign a tax increase to pay for transportation.   



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