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The Republican Governors Association launched two new television advertisements today outlining Jon Corzine’s fiscal recklessness and failed record on ethics.

The ad “Deficit” details that despite Corzine raising taxes by billions of dollars, New Jersey is projected to have a $10 billion deficit next year. The new ad can be viewed at www.jerseypays.com/deficit.

“Jon Corzine said his Wall Street expertise would help him solve New Jersey’s fiscal troubles, but he’s only made things worse,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Corzine could learn a lot from New Jersey’s middle class families. Unlike Corzine, they can’t rely on one-time gimmicks to balance their budgets and are making tough choices to make ends meet.”

“Unfortunately, instead of learning from the middle class, Corzine hurt them by raising taxes by more than $1 billion just this year and eliminating property tax rebates for most homeowners.”

The ad “Ethics” highlights that while Jon Corzine was attacking Chris Christie’s ethics, some of Corzine’s closest political allies were being arrested and the FBI was raiding one of his own cabinet members’ homes. The ad can be seen at www.jerseypays.com/ethics.

“Jon Corzine needs to take a look in the mirror and at his own friends,” Schrimpf said. “As New Jersey’s top federal prosecutor, Chris Christie successfully prosecuted more than 130 public officials without a loss.”





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