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Republican Governors Association releases poll results showing Daniels with double-digit leads

Washington, DC – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) today released details of a poll done December 10th through 15th. The poll was a statewide survey of 1009 registered voters in Indiana and has a margin of error of + 3.0%. It is the largest poll done in the state in thirty years. It was conducted by Bellwether Research & Consulting (Christine Matthews) who has polled Indiana gubernatorial campaigns accurately for several election cycles.

Results from the RGA poll show a majority (51%) of the state’s voters approve of the job Governor Mitch Daniels is doing in office. In ballot match-ups, he leads both of his potential Democratic opponents by double-digits (+13 and +15).

An Indianapolis Star poll published in November suggested that Governor Daniels would be facing a tough election. Their poll sample was 449 and reported the party split at +2 Dem. RGA’s poll of 1009 showed quite the opposite with the party split at +12 Rep (36% R, 24% D) in line with other public polls and trends since 2000.

Governor Daniels enjoys a positive net favorable rating (48% versus 38%) and strong ballot positions against potential opponents as he heads into 2008. A majority of voters had not heard of any of the potential challengers. This overwhelming advantage combined with his record of solid accomplishments and leadership places Governor Daniels in an excellent position for re-election.

“Governor Daniels is in a much stronger position than some would lead you to believe,” said Nick Ayers, Executive Director of the RGA. “Indiana has the lowest unemployment rate in six years. Governor Daniels has successfully attracted major companies like Toyota and Honda to his state, and he balanced the state budget for the first time in years without raising taxes or taking funds away from education like past Democratic administrations have done before him. Governor Daniels has also proposed cutting property taxes by over 30% and capping residential assessments at 1%.”

Ayers continued, “We are encouraged by these early results and have confidence in Governor Daniels’ re-election because he will campaign through Election Day as if he was ten points down.”

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