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Republican Governors Are Focused on Solutions

The best ideas never come from Washington, D.C. They come out of the states and are driven by Republican governors. Our governors led welfare reform in the 1990’s, and Republican governors today are focused on solving our challenges on issues like healthcare, energy and economic policy. Governors are the only Republicans able to enact effective, conservative ideas while the Democrats control Washington, and the policies our governors are implementing in their states will become models for the country.

Republican governors know they will not always agree with each other completely on every issue. But they are united in the belief that the states are the best incubators from which to develop solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges. Over time, the best ideas each governor is putting forward in his or her own state will take hold in other states and in Washington, D.C. In this manner, Republican governors expect issues such as healthcare reform to be solved in the states before they will be solved by bureaucrats in Washington.

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