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The GOP Comeback Begins with Republican Governors

The Republican Governors Association knows our governors will lead the Party’s comeback. The RGA is ready to kickstart the Republican comeback this year by winning governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey. We will then remake the political map in 2010, when the RGA will have 37 governors' races. By winning the two races this year and the majority of races in 2010, Republican governors will prove the GOP can win races in all regions of the country.

Electing more Republican governors has never been more important. We know Republicans won't become America's majority party again until we reclaim the majority of governorships. The RGA has a plan in place to do just that and it begins with Virginia and New Jersey.


Republicans are united behind Attorney General Bob McDonnell in his bid for governor and he is in position to win. He leads all three of his potential opponents in the most recent polls and proved his ability to win statewide when he won the attorney general’s race in 2005. But winning the governor’s race won’t be easy. The Democrats have tapped current Virginia governor Tim Kaine to run the Democratic National Committee during this election year and one of Bob’s potential opponents may spend as much as $80 million on the race. The Virginia governor’s race is already gaining the attention of the national media. A victory would signal that the GOP is on its way back.

The RGA is able to coordinate with Bob McDonnell’s campaign. To help elect Bob governor of Virginia contribute by clicking here.

New Jersey

Republicans have a good opportunity to defeat an incumbent Democrat in a so-called blue state by winning the New Jersey governor’s race. No Democrat has been reelected since 1977 and the current governor is one of the most unpopular in the country. The most recent poll shows Democratic governor Jon Corzine trailing one of his potential opponents by seven points.

New Jersey citizens are ready for change and they need it. New Jersey taxpayers have the heaviest tax burden in the country. They pay the highest property taxes in the country, second highest income taxes and ninth highest sales taxes. According to a national survey of corporate CEO’s, New Jersey was ranked one of the five worst states in which to do business.

Electing a Republican governor in New Jersey would be devastating to the Democrats. We are ready to make it happen, but we need your help. Jon Corzine has spent more than $100 million buying his way into public office and will do whatever it takes to distract from his failed record as governor. The RGA can run an effective, independent expenditure campaign that will make sure New Jersey voters know Jon Corzine’s true record. Help us get the truth out by contributing here.


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