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A private forum for the Republican Governors to discuss the future of the GOP, 2008.


"The RGA's investment in my race was critical, and it made a difference. My team and I do everything we can to support their mission because we've seen their good work first-hand.”

    - Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana

“As a member of the RGA executive committee, I am keenly aware of how decisions are made, what our strategy is, and where we invest our resources.  I’m confident that we are ready to execute a plan to ensure we will be successful in the 36 gubernatorial races in 2010 -- including keeping a Republican governor in Hawai‘i.”

    - Governor Linda Lingle, Hawai‘i

“Two years ago my colleagues and I set out to take RGA to the next level. Republican Governors wanted to have the most efficient and effective national committee that was focused on the Party at the state level. Nothing is more evident of the RGA's good work than the fact that after the two most vicious election cycles for Republicans in my lifetime, we're at the same number of Republican Governors now as we were in 2006. Now it's time to go on offense.”

  - Governor Sonny Perdue, Georgia

Fighting on all Fronts

Typical 527 organizations or national committees spend their resources primarily on TV, limiting their ability to communicate to voters via multiple avenues. Because RGA’s political team has experience running winning gubernatorial campaigns and GOP state parties, they take a more comprehensive approach.  With 80% of funds raised going to direct election support, you can be assured your contribution is helping to elect Republican Governors.  

Our resources are used in direct coordination or independent expenditures to win elections by using a variety of techniques, strategy, and modes of communication:

Direct Mail – GOTV, Issue
Print media
Grassroots organizing
Absentee-Early Voting plans
Field/GOTV operations  
List development
Coalition building
Earned media strategy
Candidate research
Fundraising systems 
Election fraud prevention
GOP State Party budget/
Polling and focus groups
Messaging and strategy
Policy development
Media placement
Viral Strategies – Websites,
banner ads, social
networking, search engine
advertising, mobile texting,
petition drives, and
streaming video. 

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