"When I became chairman of the RNC after Bill Clinton's election, I quickly found that our governors were the most popular, influential people in the party. When the other party has the White House and both houses of Congress, as they did then and will now, the only place people can actually see Republican ideas being implemented is in the states."

-- Governor Haley Barbour

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The GOP Comeback Begins with Republican Governors

The Republican Governors Association knows our governors will lead the Party’s comeback. The RGA is ready to kickstart the Republican comeback this year by winning governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey. We will then remake the political map in 2010, when the RGA will have 37 governors' races. By winning the two races this year and the majority of races in 2010, Republican governors will prove the GOP can win races in all regions of the country.

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Republican Governors Are Focused on Solutions

The best ideas never come from Washington, D.C. They come out of the states and are driven by Republican governors. Our governors led welfare reform in the 1990’s, and Republican governors today are focused on solving our challenges on issues like healthcare, energy and economic policy. Governors are the only Republicans able to enact effective, conservative ideas while the Democrats control Washington, and the policies our governors are implementing in their states will become models for the country.


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